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Aragatsotn Marz

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Territory -2753 square km
Agricultural land -136667 ha
including arable land -55771 ha
Urban communities -3
Rural communities -111
Rural settlements -117
Population as of January 1, 2003  -138.5 ths.
including urban - 32.9 ths.
rural -105.6 ths.

RA Aragatsotn marz occupies the 9.3% of the territory of the Republic of Armenia.
The population of the marz comprised the 4.3% of RA total population in 2002. While the 76.2% of population resides in the rural settlements (it is the highest percentage of rural population among RA marzes).
Marz is situated in the territory lying between the capital Yerevan and the highest peak of RA-Aragats (in the West the territory stretches until the state border of Turkey)
RA Aragatsotn marz includes the territories of Ashtarak, Aparan, Aragats and Talin.
Ashtarak, Aparan and Talin are towns of the marz and there are also 117 rural settlements.
The territory of RA marz of Aragatsotn intersects RA principal railway as well (only across the end of the West, so it hasn’t any influence on economic development of the marz).
RA Aragatsotn marz is rich in historical and cultural monuments. Amberd, big and small Catholic of Talin, Tsiranavor,Spitakavor, St.Marine, St.Sargis and Karmravor of Ashtarak, churches and monastries of Parpi and Oshakan are especially noteworthy.
The famous Observatory of Byurakan, the Institutes of Radiophysics and Electronics,
Physical Researches of RA National Academy of Sciences are located in the marz.

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