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Ararat Marz

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Territory -2096 square km Agricultural land - 88700 ha including arable land - 33300 ha Urban communities- 4 Rural communities - 93 Rural settlements- 94 Population as of January 1, 2003 -272.1 ths. Including urban - 80.1 ths. rural -192.0 ths.

RA Ararat marz occupies about 7.1% of the territory of the Republic of Armenia. The
population of the marz comprised the 8.5% of RA total population in 2002. While the 70.6% of population resides in the rural settlements.
RA Ararat marz is situated in the south-western part of the republic and occupies the
considerable part of Ararat Valley. It borders with Turkey and the Autonomous Republic of Nakhijevan. The immediate neighbourhood with Yerevan is profitable for its economic development.
It includes the regions of Ararat, Artashat and Masis. Artashat, Ararat, Vedi and Masis are towns of the marz and there are also 94 rural settlements.                  
The public nature reserve of Khosrov (“The Forest of Khosrov” was called after the king Khosrov B. Kotak) is situated in the central part of South Armenia. It covers 27 ha of territory and is at a height of 1600-2300 m. above sea level.
RA marz of Ararat is one of the economically developed marzes of the republic. Economy is based on agriculture. It is mainly specialized in wine-growing, fruit-growing and vegetablegrowing.




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