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Armavir Marz

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Territory -1254 square km
Agricultural land -70049 ha
including arable land -39399ha
Urban communities- 3
Rural communities -94
Rural settlements -95
Population as of January 1, 2003 -276.8 ths, including
urban -98.5 ths.
rural -178.3 ths.
RA Armavir Marz occupies the 4.2% of the territory of the Republic of Armenia. The population of the marz comprised 8.6% of RA total population. The 64.4 % of its population resides in the rural settlements.
RA Armavir region includes the regions of Armavir, Echmiadzin and Baghramyan with the towns of Vagharshapat, Armavir, Metsamor and 95 rural settlements. Yerevan-Armavir-Karakert-Gyumri highway of republican importance runs through the territory of the marz.

The marz is rich in historical and cultural values such as archeological museums of Metsamor and Zvartnots, Ethnographical State museum of Armenia in Sardarapat, Zvartnots temple, Ayghrlich- the largest outfall of subterranean waters of Armenia, Bagaran- the ancient pagan center, “Musaler” and “Sardarapat” memorials, St. Echmiadzin Cathedral with its Gandzatun.
RA Armavir marz is notable for its developed agriculture and industry in the republic.
The geographical position and climatic conditions of the marz are favourable for development of both plant growing (perennial grass and vegetables) and cattle breeding. In the sphere of animal husbandry farming of cattle and sheep and goats, pigs and poultry is mainly developed and in horticulture – fruit-growing and plant-growing. Cereal grains are mainly processed. Industry is specialized in exploitation of mines of electricity, food products, soft drinks, beverages and building materials.


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