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Gegharkunik Marz

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Territory -5348 square km
Agricultural land -240033 ha
including arable land -95148 ha
Urban communities -5
Rural communities -87
Rural settlements -93
Population as of January 1, 2003 -238.0 ths. including
urban -79.6 ths.
rural -158.4 ths.

RA Gegharkunik Marz is situated in the East of the territory of the Republic of Armenia, surrounding the Lake Sevan. It borders Azerbaijan from the East and occupies the 18% of RA territory (the largest marz by its territory). The marz includes the territories of Gavar, Tchambarak (former Krasnoselsk), Martuni, Sevan and Vardenis.
The population of the marz comprised the 7.4% of total population of the republic as of January 1, 2003. The 66.6% of population resides in the rural settlements. The marz includes 5 towns such as Gavar, Tchambarak, Martuni, Sevan, Vardenis and 93 rural settlements.
The longest extension of the marz from the North-West to the South-East comprised 115 km, from the West to the East - 85 km, the deepest landslide is the canyon of the Getik river (village of Dsoravank) (1325 m), the highest peak – Ajdahak mountain (3598 m).
Sevan is the largest lake (1260 km2, the height above sea-level is 1898m); the crater lakes of Ajdahak and Aghmaghani are comparatively small lakes - up to 50 m in diameter and at a depth of 15 m.
The Lake Sevan is located in RA Gegharkunik marz, which is of particular importance
not only for the marz but for the republic as well. It is the largest pool of fresh water of the Southern Caucasus. The lake has vital influence not only on balance of environment protection but on economy of the whole marz as well. The lake is surrounded with numerous churches of historical value, more well known of which are Hayravank church, Makenis monastery, the monastical complexes of Vanevan and peninsula of Sevan.
“Sevan” national park is located in the territory of the marz (founded in 1978). It occupies the territories of the Lake Sevan comprising the bed of intermontane concavity of Sevan and those freed from its bed. The surface area comprises 150.1 ths. ha, 24.9 ths. ha of which are lakeside land territories. It is surrounded with the slopes of mountain chains of Areguni, Geghama, Vardenis, Pambak and Sevan. The species of 1600 plants and 330 animals are preserved here.
Numerous mines are situated in the marz of Gegharkunik such as the mines of gold, dolomite, basalt, sand, volcanic tuff. A part of exploiting mines extracts the considerable part of ores in the country.
The marz centre is Gavar town (formerly Nor Bayazet, Kamo) (26.4 ths. inhabitants ); it is situated in the distance of 98 km from Yerevan.

t. Gavar
t. Tchambarak
t. Martuni
t. Sevan
t. Vardenis

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