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Kotayk Marz

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Territory - 2089 square km
Agricultural land - 99779 ha
including arable land - 39608 ha
Urban communities  -7
Rural communities  -60
Rural settlements - 62
Population as of January 1, 2003 - 272.4 ths.
Including, urban - 153.6 ths.
rural -118.8 ths.
RA Kotayk marz occupies 7% of RA territory. The population of the marz comprised 8.5% of RA total population in 2002, including 56.4% of urban.
RA Kotayk marz (centre is Hrazdan town) includes Hrazdan, Kotayk, Nairi regions. The Marz includes 7 towns - Hrazdan, Abovyan, Charentsavan, Byureghavan, Tsaghkadzor, Yeghvard, Nor-Hachn and 62 rural settlements.
The territory of the marz was included into Mets Hayk Ayrarat State occupying mainly Kotayk and Nig provinces.

Hrazdan town (until 1959 Nerkin Akhta) has 52.7 ths inhabitants. The town distance from Yerevan is 50 km and is situated on the left bank of upper flow of Hrazdan River. The old inhabitants of Hrazdan migrated from Maku, Salmast, Sasun, Kars. The Hrazdan heating and electric station is located here that is the most powerful in the republic. It is famous as an industrial centre. The other trend of town industry is manufacturing, in which the production of non metal mineral and other produce (in particular, cement roduction) takes prevailing place.
Hrazdan town
Avovyan town
Byureghavan town
Eghvard town
Tsaghkadzor town
Nor- Hachn town
Charentsavan town

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