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Territory -3789 square km
Agricultural land - 192212 ha
including arable land -47823 ha
Urban communities - 8
Rural communities -105
Rural settlements -122
Population as of January 1, 2003 285.0 ths. including
urban -168.4 ths.
rural -116.6 ths.

RA Lori marz is the third largest marz by its territory in the republic (it occupies the 12.7 % of RA territory) and the second by its population number (after Yerevan city). It is situated in the North of the republic and borders with Georgia. RA general railway runs through the central part of the marz.
RA Lori marz includes the regions of Spitak, Stepanavan, Tashir, Tumanyan, Gugark and the towns of Vanadzor, Spitak, Stepanavan,Alaverdi, Tashir, Akhtala, Tumanyan, Shamlugh. The population number of the marz comprised the 8.9 % of total population of the republic as of January 1 2003. Nearly 59.0 % of population is a town dweller.
Tezh mountain (3101metres high) is the highest peak above sea level in the marz and lower reaches of Debed river is the lowest (about 380 m).
The architectural monuments inherited from different centuries are various.

About 3000 monuments are under the State protection. Complexes of Sanahin and Haghpat, monastical complex of Odzun, monastical complex and stronghold of Akhtala, ruins of stronghold of Loriberd and Tashir, cave-dwellings and the Copper Age habitations of Spitak, Vanadzor’s monasteries of V century, castle of Tagavoranist (royal residence), remnants of 2 Cyclopean castles, the Copper Age habitations of Kosi choter, St. Grigor Bardzrakash monastery of Dsegh and etc. are especially
The marz centre is Vanadzor town (former Mets Gharakilisa, in 1935-92 -Kirovakan). It is situated in the intermontane concavity of mountain chains of Pambak and Bazum, in the confluence of Tandzut and Pambak rivers, at a height of 1350 m. above sea level. It is 120 km by roadway, and 224 km by railway. Tandzut and Pambak rivers flow along the town.

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