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Tavush Marz

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Territory - 2704 square km
Agricultural land - 93574 ha
including arable land -27294 ha
Urban communities - 4
Rural communities -58
Rural settlements -61
Population as of January 1, 2003 -134.3 ths.including
urban - 50.6 ths.
rural - 83.7 ths.

RA Tavush Marz is situated in the north-eastern part of the Republic of Armenia and includes Ijevan, Tavush (before Shamshadin), Noyemberyan regions and 4 towns – Ijevan, Noyemberyan, Berd and Dilijan. In the south-east and south the marz borders with RA Gegharkunik and Kotayk marzes, in the west - RA Lori marz and Georgia, in the north and east – Azerbaijan 400 km uut of RA frontier belong to the marz, of which 352 - with Azerbaijan.
Aghstev river flows to the south-east through the marz centre. The nearest point to the sea level (the highest point of RA relief) is situated near the Debedavan village (389 m), the highest point – Marduz mountain (2993 m) of Miapori mountain range.
RA Tavush marz is extended on the external line of Small Caucasus mountain ranges (Virahayots, Gugarats and Miapor mountains) and is situated in the moderate damp region of RA.
Annual duration of the sun radiance is 1900-2000 hours. Summers are warm, winters – mild. Rivers belong to the Caspian sea (Kur river) basin and live on thawed, underground, rainy waters. The natural lake is Parz lake that is situated near the Dilijan. Joghaz, Hakhum, Tavush, Aygedzor and Ijevan reservoirs were built in 1970-1980.
RA Tavush marz territory is extremely rich with historical and cultural structures: monastery complexes, castles, khachkars, bridges, tombs, memorials, memorial fountains.
Ijevan town
Berd town
Dilijan town
Noyemberyan town

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