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Vayots Dzor

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Territory- 2308 square km

Agricultural land -75939 ha
including arable land -19857 ha
Urban communities- 3
Rural communities- 41
Rural settlements -52
Population as of January 1, 2003- 55.9 ths. including
Urban -19.5 ths.
Rural- 36.4 ths.
RA Vayots Dzor marz occupies 7.8% of the territory of the Republic of Armenia. The population of the marz comprised 1.7% of the republican total population. About 65.1% of marz population inhabit in rural settlements.
RA Vayots dzor includes Vayk and Eghegnadzor regions with 3 towns and 52 rural settlements.
Historical Vayots Dzor is one of the biggest states of Syunik state that for certain years was its administrative centre. Vayots dzor played a big role in the development of the Middle Ages Armenian culture.  Gladzor (XIII century) famous university functioned there, where talented scientists, writers and miniature painters worked and created, the numerous manuscripts written and illustrated by them give admiration today as well. Wonderful memorials of material culture, Noravank, Gndevank, Shati, Tanahati, Hermoni, Eghegisi monasteries, Sulema (Selimi) caravanserai and numerous other architectural wonderful monuments, that are the places of tourists regular visits, are situated in Vayots Dzor.
Vayots dzor is situated in Arpa river basin (2630 km2), from the east is surrounded with the north part of Zangezur mountain range.  
Voyots dzor surface is extraordinary variegated. Volcanic forces, earthquakes, waters of Arpa river and its tributaries raised numerous mountain ranges stretching by different directions with big and small tops, mysterious canyons, mountain passes, plateaus, concavities, fields, meadows and natural varied buildings, the most bright example of which is Jermuk wonderful waterfall (71 m).
The Vayots dzor climate on the whole is continental with cold or moderate cold winters and hot or warm summers. The highest possible air temperature reaches 400C in southern districts, and the exceptional minimum- 350 C. Precipitations comprise 300-700 mm.
Vayots dzor marz has varied fauna and flora. Natural forests comprise 4.6% of territory.
In total volume of marz economy the prevailing is agriculture. Peasant farms mainly deal with cattle-breading. The vine-growing, fruit-growing and vegetable-growing have certain share in the volume of gross agriculture produce.
The production of non-alcoholic beverages (in particular, mineral waters) is mainly developed in the industry field, the share of which in total volume of industrial production comprised 20.9% in 2003.

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